SDI Divemaster Crossover

SDI Divemaster Crossover


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221000G-01 SDI DiveMaster Kit 1
SA_DM_XOVER SDI DM Crossover Development 1

Join the SDI Professional Ranks - if you are already an active dive master this is your route to join the ever growing SDI instructor ranks.

This crossover includes the COMPLETE SDI Divemaster kit - a $265 value

This Divemaster Kit details the overall knowledge, education, and skills that a candidate seeking professional certification as an SDI or TDI Divemaster is expected to have a firm understanding of. Including the Divemaster Manual and corresponding Knowledge Quest, each candidate will also receive a diveleader record folder, waterproof instructional Rescue and DM slates and US Navy dive table, the respective agency logo sticker, the respective agency embroidered hat and embroidered patch, as well as an SDI/TDI/ERDI backpack to easily carry all corresponding materials. Kit includes:

  • Dive Master Manual
  • Dive Master Knowledge Quest
  • Record Folder
  • Rescue Slate
  • Divemaster Slate
  • Agency Logo Sticker
  • Agency Logo Embroidered Patch
  • SDI Mask Strap
  • SDI/TDI/ERDI Backpack

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