SDI Assistant Instructor

SDI Assistant Instructor


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SDI Assistant Instructor Kit (incl. Online Code)

This Assistant Instructor Kit details the overall knowledge, education, and skills that a candidate seeking professional certification as an SDI Assistant Instructor is expected to have a firm understanding of. Including the Assitant Instructor Manual and corresponding Knowledge Quest Work Booklet, each candidate will also receive a dive leader record folder, the respective agency logo sticker, the respective agency embroidered hat and embroidered patch, as well as an SDI/TDI/ERDI Backpack to easily carry all corresponding materials. Kit includes:

  • Assistant Instructor Manual
  • Assistant Instructor Knowledge Quest
  • SDI Standards and Procedures Manual
  • US Navy Air Dive Table
  • Record Folder
  • Agency Logo Sticker
  • Agency Logo Embroidered Patch
  • SDI Hat
  • SDI/TDI/ERDI Backpack
  • eLearning User Guide
  • eLearning code for SDI Assistant Instructor course

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