Focus 2.0 Handheld 5.2a with charger

Focus 2.0 Handheld 5.2a with charger


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Part Number:20.454.013 Manufacturer: Halcyon Model: 20.454.013 Color: N/A, N/A

The Halcyon name has been synonymous with world class underwater lighting systems for nearly 20 years. We released the Focus lights and then the handheld versions continuing this tradition.

The same great light as the standard Focus primary lights but without the nuisance of a corded battery.  Now divers seeking greater freedom and flexibility (sidemount, science, project, etc.) can enjoy high powered adjustable light without the connection to a cord and battery.  Easy to hand off or place in a pocket.

The Focus 2.0 has twice the brightness of the Focus 1.0 light. Both Focus lights are available in corded models (standard cord or E/O cord), as well as a handheld version. All Focus corded lights come standard with a 5.2Ah li-ion battery. The Focus 1.0 is available with a smaller 2.6Ah li-ion battery as well. 

  • Both lights come standard with a 5.2-amp hour li-ion battery pack
  • Focus 2.0: Approx. 2.5 hours burn time on high and 5 hours on low
  • Focus 2.0: ~80k lux at 1m (3ft) -1550 lux at 5m (15ft) on high power
  • Focus 2.0: Halcyon Blue light head
  • Both lights offer an adjustable beam to switch between intense focus or a wide beam for underwater video purposes.

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