Travel Terms & Conditions

Travel Deposits and Payments

Every trip requires a non-refundable deposit and timely payments made. Reservations are not guaranteed until a deposit and all participants’ paperwork are completed. Failure to make any scheduled payment may result in a loss of reservation. Scuba Adventures reserves the right to revise payment schedule and/or prices associated with a reservation without prior notice for any reason, including unforeseen costs at the time of booking.

If the participant does not locate a roommate for this trip or Scuba Adventures does not assign one, the participant agrees to pay the single supplement price. Any changes to the participant’s reservation for any reason may result in fees with will be the participant’s sole responsibility.

Upon cancellation of the participant’s reservation for any reason, the refund of any payments made or due will be contingent upon Scuba Adventures reselling the participant’s reservation. Participants will be responsible for any non-refundable costs incurred by Scuba Adventures. Non-refundable costs include any such fees imposed by Scuba Adventures or any airline, tour company, dive operator or other contractor associated with the trip.


Travel Coverage and Equipment Service

Scuba Advntures requires all participants who will be participating in any diving activities during their trip to have a valid medical within the last 12 months of the trip departure date.  Also Scuba Adventures request the purchase of dive medical insurance and strongly encourages all trip participants to purchase trip insurance.

Additionally, Scuba Advntures requires that all equipment, including but not limited to a regulator, BCD and dive computer have been or will be properly serviced within the prior twelve months preceding the trip’s departure date by a manufacturer-certified technician at a reputable and authorized service center.