ScubaPro Everflex Arch Dive Boot 5mm

ScubaPro Everflex Arch Dive Boot 5mm


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The new Everflex 5mm just might be the most comfortable dive boot you’ve ever slipped your foot into. The boot features a new arch design that closely matches the foot’s natural anatomy. Also, the foot pocket is cut wide, creating a cramp-free fit, even for wide-shaped feet. The boot is designed without a side zipper, yet its pliable neoprene allows for easy donning and doffing.

  • Made from X-Foam, a limestone neoprene, petroleum-free, and compliant with strict PAH requirements. SCUBAPRO was the first to offer this, better protecting divers and our oceans.
  • Arch design provides a new level of support and comfort.
  • Neoprene is thinner (3.5mm) around the ankle to prevent bulkiness where it overlaps the wetsuit leg.
  • Diamond Span interior improves both warmth and comfort.
  • New sole with heel helps prevent the foot from sliding on boat ladders.
  • The outside of the toe box is cushioned and protected against abrasion.
  • Heel cap includes a molded fin strap keeper to eliminate strap slippage.
  • No-zip design includes a webbing puller loop to aid in donning.

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