SEAC Eagle

SEAC Eagle

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Part Number:0750066004529A Manufacturer: Seac Color:

The compact structure and the minimum internal volume considerably reduce the need for mask compensation.

Seac Eagle mask is available with clear lenses .

The special silicone skirt always keeps the mask perfectly adherent to every face and in every phase of the dive.

The 3D swiveling buckles, resistant and comfortable, allow a quick adjustment even with thick neoprene gloves.

For all versions of Seac Eagle, prescription lenses for myopia and presbyopia are available (sold separately). Myopia correction from -1.0 to -6.0; Presbyopia correction from +1.0 to +3.0.

Seac Eagle is sold together with a practical semi-rigid case with carabiner, for storing the mask after use.

High Comfort

The special silicone skirt keeps the mask steady on each face during every phase of the dive.

Quick adjustment

The swing buckle allows a quick adjustment even with thick neoprene gloves.

Graduated mask for freedivers

Myopia correction from -1.0 to -6.0. Presbyopia correction from +1.0 to +3.0.

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