CF Single Tank Adaptor W/Cam Straps


Availability: Special Order

Part Number:10.011.003 Manufacturer: Halcyon

The Halcyon Single-Tank Adapter, STA attaches securely to the Halcyon Single Cylinder BC systems.

  • Brings BC system closer to the body versus the standard stainless steel STA
  • Black Carbon Fiber with Steel Channel Bolts
  • 0.11 kg / 0.25 lbs (without straps)
  • .7 kg / 1.55 lbs (with straps)
  • 6.35 CM / 2.5 IN x 34.92 CM / 13.75 IN
  • Attaches securely to Halcyon single cylinder BC systems
  • 4 slots included for desired cylinder mounting strap location
  • This Single Tank Adapter does not have a weight insert option

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