Henderson Thermoprene 3MM Low Top Boot

Henderson Thermoprene 3MM Low Top Boot


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Part Number:AB30N-9 Manufacturer: Henderson Size:
  • Uppers constructed from Soft and comfortable premium 3, or 5 mm Thermoprene neoprene material.
  • All seams on upper are glued and sewn for durability and warmth using durable bonded thread.
  • Sole is constructed from soft and flexible thermoplastic rubber.
  • Sole has integrated hardened insert for puncture resistance. Aggressive tread pattern provides traction.
  • Great for all watersports or just walking in or around water, the beach, boat or dock.
  • Men’s LARGER boot sizes available up to 16US
  • Wetsuit boots are designed to keep your feet warm, not dry, when they are used in,under or around water.

1 reviews for Henderson Thermoprene 3MM Low Top Boot

  • Scott Berry

    Apr 01, 2020

    Henderson not only makes ideal wetsuits, their accessories like boots are outstanding. you can virtually never go wrong with a Henderson product including this 3mil low boot. I own this boot because of how versatile its is. Can be worn without a wetsuit to protect your heel and sole when diving in tropical waters; works with a skinsuit, 3mil wetsuit and I wear it with my 5 mil wetsuit. It's not a tall boot and has no zipper because it's designed to be easy and provide less protection than a tall boot. If I was diving a 7 mil wetsuit I would match the suit with at least a 5 mil tall boot, if not a 7mil boot. I would recommend this as a first boot for anyone. They fit well (not wide) and are comfortable. Size wise, you would probably wear the same size as your dress shoes.

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