• SDI Basic Hogartian Skills Diver

SDI Basic Hogartian Skills Diver

Discover the elegance of minimalism beneath the waves with our SDI Basic Hogarthian Skills Diver course. This specialty class is designed for divers seeking a streamlined, efficient approach to scuba diving, emphasizing the use of a backplate harness and wing BCD. You'll learn the correct assembly methods and in-water skills necessary to safely utilize the Hogarthian gear configuration. With a focus on team-oriented diving, clean water space management, and enhanced streamlining, this course prepares you for sport diving activities using an alternative gear setup. Open to certified Open Water SCUBA Divers aged 18 and above (or 15 with parental consent), this course includes two open water dives, dive planning, and essential buddy system practices. Dive into a world of refined diving with us, where less truly means more.

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