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Ready to learn all about what it means to be part fish? This class is for you! Mermaid School is over  2 hours of training that teaches you to safely become a real life mermaid or merman. This amazing class is jam-packed with basic skills to achieve cool surface tricks, muscle control, and exercises to swim through the water with the grace and ease of Ariel herself!

We start class with an orientation that demonstrates body movement to properly use our mermaid tails.  We’ll perfect our dolphin kick, authentic mermaid swim and tread techniques to keep you safe and at ease in your mermaid tail. Next thing you know, you will be doing underwater barrel rolls, and other amazing underwater and surface tricks such as the surface tail flip, and other fun ways to show your mermaid skills. Come take back a childhood dream while we make new friends and enjoy a low-impact way to sculpt our bodies!


$99/person and includes the mermaid tail rental.

What you will need:

A well fitting, comfortable swimsuit (one or two piece is fine), towel, Monofin/Mermaid Tail. Goggles or mask. We have goggles and masks to purchase to ensure good fit.


You must be comfortable swimming in the water by yourself.  A quick swim test is conducted at the beginning of the class to ensure safety.  Students must swim 40 yards unassisted without stopping, float on their back for 5 seconds, and float face down for 3 seconds. If students cannot pass the swim test, we will give them a life jacket to use during the class.

Jr Mermaid
 – Ages 6 – 13

Classes are on select Thursdays, please see calendar for times.

At the Pool:

Please arrive 10-15 early to have time to get changed, fill out all paperwork and be ready for your mermaid experience.  Only participants are allowed in the pool.  We have poolside bleachers for family and friends to watch and take pictures.

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