• Human Factors in Diving Face to Face

Human Factors in Diving Face to Face

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4 reviews for Human Factors in Diving Face to Face

  • Tom Vyles

    Apr 06, 2024

    I got a lot out of the face to face class. Wendal does a great job. The class has made me think about my teaching and I can apply what i learned into my regular life.

  • Rusty Van Meter

    Apr 04, 2024

    This class was way more than I was expecting. You start the course thinking one way and you end the course seeing how the minor day to day occurrences affect tomorrows actions and decissions. You and your team are given task which must be accomplished and it is during this time when we are allowed to show ourselves as a team player or more of a solo player. No matter what the end results, you come away from this with more understanding of yourself, team members and how to improve on our communication skills as a whole. Well worth the time.

  • Enrique Via-Reque

    Apr 04, 2024

    This is one of those courses that will open your eyes to so many more things in your life, work, personal than you would expect from a "diving" course. The concepts applied specifically to diving are so easily carried over into other areas. This was a class that makes you stop and think and then grow not only as a diver but personally. Realizing the modes of failures in accidents and understanding the not the how but the WHY they got to that point is invaluable. With all that heavy matter it is also such a fun class where you will get to know others as well as yourself. It is worth every penny and truly the value is worth more than the cost...

  • Karin

    Apr 04, 2024

    ????? Human Diver Course: A Must-Attend! I had the privilege of sitting in on Gareth Lock and Windal Adams 2-day Human Diver course, and it was amazing! Both instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and engaging, making the learning experience enjoyable and valuable. The course covers essential topics for every diver, and the practical exercises and discussions are invaluable. If you want to become a safer, more competent diver, dont miss this course! ?? ? Unlock Your Diving Potential with the Human Diver Course! ? This course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a safer, more competent diver. Youll explore crucial topics such as situational awareness, decision-making, team dynamics, and error management through engaging lectures, practical exercises, and group discussions.

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