• Discover Mermaid

Discover Mermaid

Swim over and Discover being a Mermaid!

Mermaids are the mythical swimmers of the ocean, but without legs. 

How does THAT work?  Come and find out! 

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In one hour, we can show you the basics of being a mermaid. Slip into a monofin, slide into the heated, indoor pool, and let our instructors show you the ways of the mystical merfolk!


What you will need:

Bring a comfortable, well-fitting swimsuit (one or two piece suits are fine) and a towel.  

Mask/Swim Goggles are optional, but highly encouraged.

Monofin rental is included but you can bring your own if you own one.



$45/person and includes the monofin rental.


Discover Mermaid - Ages 14 and Up


Classes are on select Tuesdays from 6:00pm – 7:00pm

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